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Porcelain Photo Memorial Plaques

Leading company in photoceramics in Europe

We are experts in the manufacture and sale of photoceramics for exteriors and interiors. They are manufactured with the idea of withstanding weather conditions of all kinds for decades.

We have several models and measures of personalized ceramics. In our facilities we make the photoceramics with a special furnace, and we send them to any point of Europe.

In our online store you can buy personalized porcelain with photographs and / or texts, designed for tombstones of cemetery. In our catalogue we have photo-niches, with or without foot, gold and silver, as well as photoceramics for exteriors.

Personalized porcelain

We print on porcelain and ceramics in our own company, with special machinery and kilns for ceramics and porcelain. The photograph is embedded in the ceramic at temperatures of about 1000 degrees Celsius for several hours, so that we guarantee a durability of several decades. Our photoceramics withstand extreme temperatures: rain, frost, wind, heat ... are suitable for outdoor (cemeteries).

To facilitate the classification of the products, we have divided them into 2 categories:

Photoceramics: they are oval, rectangular or heart-shaped photoceramics with sizes ranging from 6x8 cm. to 20x25 cm. You can choose between framed porcelain (gold or silver) and frameless porcelain. They do not have fixing feet, so they are designed to adhere to tombstones or niches (we recommend the use of glue or special putty).

Photoceramics with foot: in this case, they are photo-porcelains of different sizes, all with silver frame that includes a support foot, to be able to support on smooth surfaces, and to avoid the need to stick them to other surfaces.

This is how we work

Our photo-ceramic printing works are intended to remain outdoors, with all the consequences that this entails: extreme cold and heat temperatures depending on the seasons, humidity, rain, saltpetre ...

In addition, they are manufactured with the idea of lasting as many years as possible without losing quality, brightness or color over time in cemeteries.

Knowing all this, we created photoceramic prepared to resist the passage of time and weather conditions. The process we use is to vitrify and fire the ceramics and glazes at a temperature of about 1000 ºC, for several hours, so that the photograph or design is fully integrated into the product.

Thanks to this handmade process, the final result is quality products, with the best materials, and resistant outdoors.

All our products are personalized with the photograph or design you want, whether a photograph, a text or reminder, a religious representation, and so on. Works can be delivered in black and white, sepia or full color. It must be taken into account that ceramic colours are not identical to the photograph, although they are adapted as much as possible.