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Cotton Personalised Towel

Amazing towel that can be 100% personalised. It is really soft, great for you to lie on it or to dry yourself after a shower or after swimming at the beach or in the swimming pool. Your favourite artist? Your pet? A car? Videogames? Some pictures with your friends or relatives? You choose the design you want to use on it.

Production time:
3 working days
  •   Material: Terry Cloth 400gr/m2
  •   Composition: 70% cotton, 30% microfibre.
  •   It can be personalised on one side.
  •   The measures are approximate and, during the cutting and printing (which is made with heat) the they can vary down to 7 cm. in relation to the given ones.
  •   OEKO-TEX
  •   Etiqueta
Available models
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