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Leather Hardcover Photo Book


  • Size: {{ article_size }}
  • Number of pages to choose from 20-60 pages.
  • Padded lid with polyskin back. Polyskin loin.
  • Cover with photographic impression on cardboard and with embossed laminate.
  • Binding sheets without liquid glues.

The binding of this album makes all the difference! The Deluxe digital photo album differs from the classic in the cover: the covers are padded with coloured leatherette (with several colours to choose from) giving a more luxurious and elegant finish. The interior maintains the same exquisite quality: the pages are resistant and thick, glued with high quality photographic paper. The production of this album is completely handmade, it is glued page by page, dried in a low temperature oven and pressed for several days, resulting in exceptional quality.