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Personalised Coir Door Mats


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  • Choose a design or create from scratch.
  • The doormat with slippers is the most popular!
  • Full colour printing.
  • To clean it, just shake it or vacuum it.

These personalised Coco fibre mats are ideal for the entry of your home with a picture of your family or their names. You can create original mats with funny or inspirational quotes to surprise your guests. Or you can personalise it with the logo of your company and put it at the entrance of your shop or of your headquarters, etc.. Made of Coco fibre, a very resistant material that will give an original aspect to your mat. The inferior layer is made of latex, adherent to the floor and which will prevent sliding.

Recommended for home use or locations without a constant flow of people.

User surface: 100% coir Backing: Latex. Recommended for interior use Because of the natural properties of the material in which the doormat is done and the fact that the image is not printed on a flat surface, but on the filaments of the coconut fibre, the printing technique offers more subtle results in terms of saturation and clearness. That is to say the colours are no absorbed the same way compared to another support. Because of this, it is recommended to use the designs we offer, or use ones of the same style, and it is not recommended to use designs with very detailed photos, or designs which contain various photos.