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Personalised Photo Heart Cushion


  • Size: {{ article_size }}
  • All the cushions include cushions
  • Total impression on both sides
  • Material to choose from: Polyester, Satin, Panama

Original heart-shaped personalised cushions. Choose between different materials, and sizes, and personalise it with any image, photo, design, logo or text of your choice. All the cushions are personalised on both sizes, and you can put whatever different designs on each side, to make it a special gift. The printing is total, meaning that 100% is personalised: there shall be no borders! The cushions are a very popular gift, because they serve for various occasions: birthdays, Valentine's day, Christmas, etc. You can create your personalised heart-shaped cushion with a romantic photo, or with a design for decorating your home, choosing a design and colours that go well with the room you want to decorate.