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Personalised Tablecloth


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  • Customize with your photos or design.
  • Full color printing.
  • Choose from several sizes.

Giving joy to meals

Design your own personalized cloth tablecloth to protect your table. Give color to your lunches, lunches and dinners with these quality tablecloths, customizable with any photo or design.

Material: Panamanian fabric (100% polyester) of 270 grams/square meter.

Washing instructions

  • Apto for washing machine.
  • Maximum wash temperature: 30°.
  • Don't use far away.
  • Iron at low temperature.
  • Apto for dryer. Dry at low temperature.

All measurements of these textiles are approximate and may be affected by the image transfer process and image preparation.

Quality assurance

Textile products labelled OEKO-TEX® ensure that all components meet the required control criteria, including accessories such as rivets, buttons, zippers, interlinings, etc. Textile products with the OEKO-TEX® quality seal have properties that are harmless to the skin.

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