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Personalised Wrapping Paper Per Metre

  • Size: {{ article_size }}
  • Height is fixed: 70cm.
  • Width is of free choice, in sections of 1 meter(in the editor, it is specified like quantity).
  • Paper Weight: 80 grams.

Custom wrappings

Now you can give a more personal touch to your gifts, thanks to our personalised wrapping paper. If you are looking for special wrappers, our personalized wrapping paper is the perfect solution, because you can design the wrapping yourself with any design, photo, image, text, name, phrase ... whatever you want!

Don't think twice about it and create original gift wrappers, totally personalized and in full color.

Pattern effects

When it comes to customizing, you can click on your image and click on the Effects icon Efectos for access to the Pattern effects options, and so you personalise the paper with a repeated image or logo throughout the packaging, indicating the separation margin.

How it works

The fixed height for printing on gift wrapping paper is 70 centimeters, and from that amount, you can choose between different lengths available, always in 1 meter sections.

Therefore, the minimum order is a piece of 70 cm. x 1 meter. From that amount you can personalize a piece of 70 cm. x number of meters you need.

Papel de regalo por metros