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Prints On Chromaluxe


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  • Maximum quality of color reproduction.
  • Maximum durability. Resists humidity, stains and scratches.
  • It includes support to hang.
  • Ideal for professional photographers, interior decoration, etc.

Pictures made with a ChromaLuxe panel, printed in full color with the photograph, image or design you want, framed with an aluminum frame 2 cm. thick.

The ChromaLuxe print on pictures is one of the most popular formats among professional photographers, or for those looking to create spectacular pictures for a space, either a private home, or a site such as hotels, offices, businesses, etc..

The ChromaLuxe panels are a support that allows to reproduce photographic images with an insurmountable quality. This material is extremely durable and scratch-resistant.

Its material is aluminium. In one of its faces it incorporates a special coating of white or transparent polymer, where the photograph that you send us is transferred.

The thickness of the ChromaLuxe panel is 3 mm, and the thickness of the aluminium frame that surrounds it is 20 mm.

It can be said that ChromaLuxe panels are the HD (High Quality) version of aluminium panels.

This product includes a bracket for hanging on the wall at the back of the frame.

Advantages of the ChromaLuxe

  • Maximum quality in terms of color reproduction.
  • Maximum resistance and durability. Resists humidity and stains.
  • Light and solid support at the same time.

Frequent applications

  • For professional photographers: weddings, baptisms, communions, landscapes, exhibitions, etc.
  • Interior decoration: home, hotels, public spaces, companies, etc.
  • Exhibition in museums and art galleries.
  • Support for creating products such as wall clocks.