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Personalised Shower Curtains

Original customisable shower curtain. A surprising and amusing idea to decorate a bathroom. You can customise the curtain with a design, a photo collage, texts or phrases, etc. There are several measures available for you to choose the one that best suits your bath or shower. It includes hanging eyelets, to choose among different colours. You can make up a curtain with a funny design, or elegant curtains to match the rest of your bathroom and home decor.

Production time:
2 working days
  •   100% polyester fabric of 135 gr. with acrylic top layer.
  •   Very smooth surface and with great colorimetry.
  •   Does not wrinkle.
  •   Water repellent.
  •   With ecological certification for using completely natural water-based inks that do not contain chemicals toxic to people or the environment.
  •   Eyelet colours: white, black or transparent.
  •   Eyelets material: plastic.
  •   Eyelet size: 40 mm. Ø.
  •   The 180X200 shower curtain is composed of two sewn pieces
Available models
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